Red Hood Rider


The Story:

Red Hood Rider, known to her friends as Ruby, is a fairly average sixteen-year-old girl. Except that she's a type of magical girl known as a Rider, a superhero who uses the power of light and magic to vanquish evil. She's one of many, though, because her world is filled with supes of all kinds.

By some cosmic coincidence, she just so happens to also be the lord of the most powerful vampire coven in existence, but that's only a part-time obligation, so not really a big deal.

She might be the chosen one of a few prophecies, but there are hundreds of those in the world,, who are we kidding? She's the titular character. She's important. This is her story.


Or in other words, Red Hood Rider is the pet project of Brianna D. Lewis, known online as ranger_brianna_new. The idea spawned back in March 2015, approximately on the 19th (give or take). It follows the adventures and stories of the titular Red Hood Rider, Ruby, who is a Rider--a hybrid between magical girls and superheroes. Her vampiric second-nature makes her an "elemental rider": a rider who not only uses the natural element of light inherent to all riders, but also a secondary element of the other seven prime elements; there can be only one elemental rider per element. Specifically, her power manifests as control over Darkness, and the elemental rider of Darkness is the central figure behind an unspecified number of various prophecies thanks to the inherent symbolism behind their represented role as a perfect balance between yin and yang.

Otherwise, the only notable fact about Ruby is that she's a transwoman: her birth name is Ryan Ventrella, a role she must play both at school and for the sake of the vampires she is technically in command of.

The story spawned from a series of ideas, strung together: Bree wanted to draw a magical girl version of herself. At a slightly later date, she decided she not only wanted to draw a magical girl version of herself, but also a Dark magical girl version of herself with vampiric powers. When the idea came up that they were the same person, she started writing a story about this magical girl version of herself, and Ruby was ultimately the result of this, leading to the creation of Red Hood Rider as a project.


The Author:

Brianna Danielle Lewis, preferred name Bree, is a currently-still-in-the-closet transwoman, living between Snohomish, Washington and Monroe, Washington. She goes by the name ranger_brianna_new on ComicFury, generally just called Ranger for short. She has been an avid writer for ten years, and been an on-again, off-again artist for eight. She went to college initially hoping to get a degree in video game design focusing on her art, but ultimately, graduated from Everett Community College in 2015 with an unrelated Associate's in CAD/Mechanical Engineering. She is currently a part-time Lifeguard at the Monroe YMCA, and living at home with her parents and older sister.

Online, she is one of the oldest continuous residents of ComicFury, however, thanks to real-life struggles combined with her bipolar disorder, her presence can be somewhat-spotty. She has additionally been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, but is otherwise a completely normal 20-some resident of the site: somewhat-crazy, somewhat-jaded, a little on the wise side, has a terrible sense of humor, and largely wishing she was better than she is.