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The good guys. The people you're supposed to root for. The protagonists. The people the comic is about.

Let's be friends!

Ruby Scarlet Ventrella

Ruby Scarlet Ventrella

Aliases/Nicknames: Red Hood Rider (superhero title)

Gender: Female.

Orientation: Lesbian.

Affiliation: Ruby Gang/Darkblood Coven

Strongest Home: Earth Ridge.

Race: Human(Rider)/Vampire(Lord).

Basic Power: Light/Dark Archery. (R-handed.)

Favored Weapons/Combat Style: Bow/Bladed Staff; shooting from a distance.

Age: 16. (July 23rd.)

Height: 5'10".

Weight: 125 lb.

First Appearance: Episode 1, Page 1.

The hero of our story. A short while ago, Ruby was an average 16-year-old. When she was out on a walk, frustrated at her biological body, she was attacked by a vampire, who--sensing her potential and also bitterness--decided to turn her. Midway through this transformation, however, Ruby manifested her natural powers as a Rider: a form of magical girl specializing in using the primary element of light. This ultimately led to her being the otherwise-impossible hybrid between the two, in this case, the elemental rider of darkness, the one and only rider capable of using both light and darkness.

As a consequence, she has regained much of her optimism for the future, albeit retaining her snarky, cynical, easily-annoyed attitude. Though an all-loving hero, Ruby is a firm believer in the concept of "Tough love", and thus, is not nice. She'll still make friendly banter and refuses to cause any lasting damage, but if she enters into combat, she's not afraid to beat her opponents to a bloody pulp. So, now for fun, she fights supervillains in her spare time (giving them mercy while fully expecting them to never reform), while dealing with the load of being both a vampire and a high school student. Thanks to the yin/yang symbolism inherent in the role of darkness riders, the fate of the world now rests squarely on her shoulders, as many prophecies have been foretold about the great potential she now possesses.

Her combat strategy involves creative usage of various arrows manifested from Angel Wings (her Spirit Totem), using quick thinking, good instincts, and an arsenal of attacks to find the fastest and easiest ways to win a fight.

Likes: Finally being biologically female.

Dislikes: Being Ryan.

Hair/Eyes: Brown/Varies (blue/green).

Bloody vampire politics.

Lord Ryan Ernest VentrellaLord Ryan Ernest Ventrella (link to search, when possible)

Aliases/Nicknames: Rudy.

Gender: Physically Male. 

Orientation: Likes girls.

Affiliation: Darkblood Coven

Strongest Home: Earth Ridge.

Race: Vampire(Lord)/Human.

Basic Power: Dark Arts (especially transformations).

Favored Weapons/Combat Style: Unknown. (R-handed.)

Age: 16. (July 23rd.)

Height: 6'2" (default; can shapeshift to taller). 

Weight: 140 lb (default; can shapeshift heavier/lighter).

First Appearance: Episode 1, Page 21. (Include link.)

Ryan is Ruby's original form. "He" exists whenever Ruby has to recharge, and/or whenever needed for vampire affairs. However, Ruby is a transwoman. "He" was bitter because of his situation, at the time in the closet about being trans, thus, why he went on the fateful walk which changed "his" life. Ultimately, as a consequence of this, Ruby reached an understanding with Dion Falco, with them becoming blood brothers: she would use some of her innate magical ability to suppress some of the less-desireable aspects of vampirism in Dion (allowing him to feel more human), and in exchange, Dion would handle the daily affairs of the Darkblood Coven. Still, Lord Ventrella is called upon by the vampire council, and during this time, Ruby must stay as Ryan.

Likes: Socializing with subordinates and Victor Zu.

Dislikes: Vampire politics.

Hair/Eyes: Brown/Varies (Green/Red).

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Angel WingsAngel Wings

Gender: Male.

Race: Spirit Totem.

Affiliation: Ruby

Inactive Form: Bracelet.

Weapon Form: Bow.

Element: Darkness.

Special Power: Ruby's extended form.


Angel Wings is Ruby's Spirit Totem, a guide/companion that both serves as her weapon, and as a magical super-smartphone: calling, texting, emailing, conference calling, faxing, and even telling the time. He is fairly standard as far as spirit totems come. Built into him is an evil-detector, which will automatically hone in on places where Ruby will be needed. He is the basis from which Ruby draws all of her Rider powers. He is always around for Ruby, even when he doesn't speak. Whenever he feels his advice, commentary, or questions would be welcome, he will speak up, otherwise staying in the background.

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Gary Edgar CrossGary Edgar Cross (link to search, when possible)

Aliases/Nicknames: None.

Gender: Male. 

Orientation: Straight.

Affiliation: Ruby Gang

Strongest Home: Earth Ridge.

Race: Human.

Basic Power: Snarking. (R-handed.)

Favored Weapons/Combat Style: Witty comments.

Age: 16. (February 20th.)

Height: 6'. 

Weight: 155 lb.

First Appearance: Episode 1, Page 13. (Include link.)

Gary is the first friend Ruby has made to have known her exclusively as Ruby. He soon grows to be her closest supporter, with them having naturally-augmentive personalities. Though he neither knows she's a vampire nor that she's transgendered, it wouldn't matter if he did. He sees her as a good friend, thus, why he hangs out with her increasingly more as the story progresses. In spite of his orientation, it is exactly that: friendship and nothing more. This is particularly evident, because Gary self-proclaims himself a womanizer who knows about every girl attending his high school and even some that don't, yet he never shows any interest in Ruby.

Gary is a natural genius, with an innate skill for precision tactics: he picks up on the subtle things, and he knows how they could be exploited. However, because he is a civilian, this is limited mostly to him making commentary about other riders, and how they might be able to gain the advantage should they need to. His curiosity allows for him to explore the nature of things, which when combined with his intellect allows for him to deduce almost anything if he has the right facts and the motivation to figure it out in the first place.

Likes: Video games, manga, cartoon shows, girls.

Dislikes: Homework.

Hair/Eyes: Light brown/blue.

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Dion FalcoDion Falco (link to search, when possible)

Aliases/Nicknames: None.

Gender: Male. 

Orientation: Straight enough.

Affiliation: Darkblood Coven/Ruby Gang

Strongest Home: Earth Ridge.

Race: Vampire(Lord-class).

Basic Power: Dark Arts (especially transportation). (Ambidextrous.)

Favored Weapons/Combat Style: Impaler-stance-based vampiric martial art, augmented by dark arts.

Age: Somewhere above 100 (but not by much). 

Height: 6'1". 

Weight: 155 lb.

First Appearance: Episode 1, Page 19. (Include link.)

The daily leader (and effective co-Lord) of the Darkblood Coven, and through their pact, Ruby's blood-brother. While he handles the day-to-day affairs of their people, he still delegates diplomacy to Ruby. While he largely stays out of her business, he is her main contact for the vampire world, and will meet up with her on occasion to keep her informed. He is also the first person she will come to for advice on the supernatural.

Trivia: For a vampire, second only to Ruby, he is the youngest leader to have appeared in centuries.

Hair/Eyes: Black/Red.



The bad guys. The antagonists. The people you're not supposed to root for, but who you'll be cheering on anyway. The people the comic can also be about.


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