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God it's awful.

Go ahead and laugh. This is what you almost got stuck with, when I was designing Red Hood Rider at its earliest stages.

VERY rough.

This was my original concept for the first page. I actually think it's a little more dynamic: a one-shot opener was strangely appealing, and it has a neat angle to it. The problem was, I couldn't make it look decent, so instead, I opted for something that was easier, and yet still conveyed what I was going for.

Vaguely familiar!

Of course, just because you know what you want to do, doesn't mean you can effectively pull it off. This ended up being a proof of concept for the actual first page, but it simply didn't quite cut it for the first page proper. Too many mistakes were make all-around. Still, you can see the similarity between what you have here, and what went into the actual first page of the prologue.

Lying's second-nature.

A quick doodle I did of Ruby for fun.

Our protagonist.

The full-sized version of the current comic avatar, which is also being used on the characters page. It is an alternative drawing of the scene from Episode 1, Page 14, made specifically for that purpose. This is the original sketch.

Ruby in combat form

You might recognize this scene from Episode 1, Page 5. This is an alternative drawing of it, made for the purpose of being my personal avatar. You can find the sketch version here.

Some of the cast.

Four of the early major male characters appearing in the comic, as a concept drawing I never quite finished, but which I use as a nifty reference image. For more concept sketches, look here.

Crowd control?

Similar to the sign of Ruby, this was a contemporary quick doodle I did for fun, demonstrating an aspect of her personality: great at fights, not with the public.

Some toy.

An attempt at intentional stylistic suck of sorts, for what I imagine a very, very cheap toy of Ruby would end up looking like.

Buncha random stuff.

This image was me compiling some of the best images I had of Ruby at the time, as to give me a better handle on how to draw her properly.

Let me give you a hand.

This is a result of three separate things: two doodles made on the same day, which were to map out what, essentially, Ruby's hands have on them. The third, showing them together, also was to demonstrate the color--approximately--she'd have for these.

Or not.

While I couldn't make the release date, I show this off because this is a fairly accurate depiction of Ruby's uniform when combined with the above gloves and the below mask(s).

So mysterious

The really cool part is Dark Ruby's mask. I did have a reference image to base it off of, but I think I made it my own, added some flair, took some artistic license, and generally, just made a really cool image. For more from the event Inktober, look here.

Sally the White Sailor

So this is Samantha Spencer, AKA the White Sailor, AKA Sally's outfit. She's Ruby's rival.

White Sailor is Sally

An extension of the above, this is the lower half of Sally's combat outfit.

Boom, baby.

This is basically an engineering drawing of Sally's weapon, substituting isometric for 3/4 view.


This is that same weapon, just as a whistle. And, yes. It's a Fox40 Classic. There were multiple reasons I chose that whistle in particular to model Sally's spirit totem.

The anti-Ruby.

So this is Black Lightning, a prominent rogue of Ruby's. Did this in half an hour, without references and without erasing, so I think it's fairly good!

I'm not .gifted.

This is a gif demonstrating my creative process. The image displayed is, of course, for the prologue's first page. My process changes/evolves with time, so it'll just get better and better with age!

At least half!

This was a doodle of Ruby I did while I was at a dance, in five minutes or so: no reference images, using ink. Given that, I think it went well.

Other work will be posted here, as it becomes less of a spoiler to see!